In a Pickle

Do you eat pickles? Do you like pickles? For me, the answer to both questions is a resounding “Yes!”


I love pickles. Who doesn’t? If you, the reader, do not like pickles, may I suggest that you kindly look at one of my other posts.

I grew up eating various pickles and was happy to learn that here in Japan there are lots of different pickles. Here in Japan, the pickles are often pickled without herbs. Many, though certainly not all pickles here are salty to various degrees.

I grew up eating many pickles that were often sour in taste. The most common pickle I grew up eating was the famous dill pickle. This was the first kind of pickles I learned to make.

I generally make only 2 types of cucumber pickles, ones made only with salt in the water which ferment and naturally sour, and vinegar pickles that are placed in a salty vinegar brine and ready to eat with a day or two.

The last time I made pickles I made both types of pickles. We ate both at the same time but we finished the vinegar brined pickles first. On a whim, I put the dills (the salt fermented pickles) into the vinegar brine.

Recently I tasted them and they were fantastic. However, I began to wonder if it isn’t wrong to do such mixing.Pickleheads of the world, what do you think? Should ever dills be mixed with vinegar brined pickles? Should the two never interact with each other? Am I being wishy-washy by making and eating both instead of making and eating only one kind of dill pickle?

What, oh, what should I do? I know. I’ll have a pickle and think about it!

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