When it rains...or in this case, snows...

The weather forecast turned out to be true! It did snow overnight, and it continues to snow today.


There was quite of bit of talking before the weekend about the probable impending doom that would arrive this weekend.What was the scary news? Snow!And not just snow, but lots of snow.For those who may not know, I come from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When you say snow, and lots of it, and you're scared of it, you have to remember that our experiences with the white stuff are different. Having lived here in Japan on the island of Shikoku for 20 years, I can speak fairly well about the chance of this part of world having any 'scary snow experience.'Nevertheless, it did snow overnight which was preceded by some rain. That made the streets pretty slippery in the morning. But as the morning continued, the temperatures increased just that little bit that melted most of the ice on the streets. Yes, it has continued to snow, off and on all day. But, scary-snow? Not in this honest reporter's opinion.As it was cold this morning, and has continued to be cold (by Shikoku's standards), we've had our wood stove burning up some of that wood I collected last year, making our house nice and toasty warm.Since I had the wood stove going, and since we'll have pizza for dinner tonight, I decided to do some prep work.In the morning, I cooked up some onions on the stove, and roasted a red pepper in the stove.This afternoon, I have the tomato sauce for the pizza cooking on the wood stove.Tonight, we'll use these foods for our pizzas and have a good feast. While I could cook the pizzas in the wood stove, it can be difficult to get bigger foods in and out of the wood stove. It'll be fine to cook the pizzas as usual in the oven.Warm, soon to be eating pizzas and comfortable. Bring on the snow!

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