Woodshed, De-constructed

After 11+ years, it's time to get rid of our old woodshed and start to make a new one.


Many moons ago, with wood salvaged from packing crates that were destined for the garbage bin, I put together my second woodshed, as my first one was constantly full.The second time round, the process of making the woodshed was much easier and faster.Over the years, I've noticed a little deterioration in the woodsheds and decided that this year I should replace them both with one bigger woodshed (I still don't know how I'm going to make that one - suggestions welcomed).Today I got down to taking apart this woodshed, and also seeing how I built it in the first place.Overall, most of the woodshed was in excellent condition after all these years. Only some of the wood at the bottom was starting to rot out, though if I had wanted, I could have replaced the bad sections with newer wood.The newer woodshed, whenever it is built will be slightly different in design, but very similar to the original models; perhaps a bit taller, perhaps a bit bigger, but mostly the same.After all these years of service, woodshed #2, you are officially retired. Thank you for your years of service!

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