Today was the annual fireworks festival in Naruto.


Terrible picture, right?I agree with you. But then again, a picture never does justice to the experience of seeing a fireworks show live.August 7th in Naruto, Japan is Fireworks Day. This is because the date in Japanese (ha-8月=August; na= 7th; bi-日=day) reads the same as the word fireworks (hanabi/花火, literally 'flower of fire').For a small city, we put on a pretty big show. Every year the fireworks festival is a one-hour show, free of charge. I'm not sure how many people visit, or how it ranks with other shows, but it seems to be the largest one in this area of Japan. Living here (we are literally 5-10 minutes walking from the site) we don't have to deal with the traffic jams, which I understand can be quite long both before and especially after the show.And, as beautiful as today's show was (and is, every year) I can't help but always think about the novel, The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham.In the story by John Wyndham, people observe a meteor shower that beautiful to see with all sorts of lights and colours. Unfortunately, the next morning they have all been blinded by this, and society as we know it collapses. Mixed in with this problem are experimental plants that can move around and attack, using a poisonous section of the plant to attack others. A wonderful story, just wonderful.Thus, overtime I watch fireworks, a part of me wonders whether tomorrow morning, myself and others will be blinded by what we all enjoyed. Silly, right? Or is it?Tonight's show was wonderful, and no doubt enjoyed by all. Here's hoping tomorrow will be sunny and bright, and I'll be able to observe it.

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