FlexSolar Portable Solar Charger

I've been testing this solar charger for a couple of months now and find it good value for the money.


With all the devices that have crept into our lives, I'm always a little concerned about the amount of energy needed to keep everything going.So, when I saw this solar charger being sold on http://www.kickstarter.com/ I decided to become a backer of the project and invest my money.My small investment provided me with a solar charger, cables and a power bank to store the power.One of the things I liked about the solar charger was that is is waterproof; another is that it folds up to almost the size of my smartphone.I can charge my devices directly from the solar panel, or I can charge the power bank, then connect it to my devices. Now, it is true that the charging is not as fast as just plugging your devices, via cables, into electrical outlets.However, using solar power costs nothing and I can charge devices again and again. Plus, the solar charger works even in low level lighting (although at a much slower speed).Help to change the environment little by little whenever you can. I'm trying to do my small part.

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