Sour Potato Chips: Joy of joys

I have finally found sour potato chips in Japan!


I was weaned on Old Dutch salt & vinegar potato chips. You'll have a tough time finding better chips in this category.Living in Japan, one of the things I often miss from Canada is these chips.Salt and vinegar chips can be found in specialty stores, but the cost is often so high that I rarely buy them.In Japan, common potato chip flavours often have a salty theme: salt flavoured, soy sauce flavoured, lightly salted flavoured, sea salt flavoured, and so on. Strong, different flavours can be found from time to time, but they often are made in small quantities and rarely become common place.These chips, literally 'Sour Mucho Strong', are nice and sour. This company regularly makes potato chips that they label as 'Sour' but are very mildly sour. These chips are different. They are sour. Very sour. Not as sour as they could be, but still, they satisfy my craving.The chips are thickly cut, more than Old Dutch's chips, but not as thick as kettle chips like Miss Vickie's. I have only found one size of bag, and even worse: I have only seen these chips at one convenience store and no where else. The company produces other snack products that are sold at most stores, so it is strange that these sour chips are not sold everywhere.I've purchased multiple bags of these chips because based on my prior experiences, products, even popular ones, have a tendency to disappear, never to return.While 'Sour Mucho Strong' exist in stores, I'll be a happy boy.

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