Dill Buns

It's Spring, we've an abundance of fresh dill in the garden, so I've decided to make some dill buns.


It's nice to see green sprouting here and there as Spring finally comes to greet us.Luckily our dill plants have survived all through the winter and now that there is warmer weather they are getting tall and bushy.With all the beautiful dill in the garden and not a cucumber in sight in the garden, my thoughts wandered back to memories of my mother's dill and cottage cheese buns.I made these buns from time to time, but I often use my mother's other filling of ground meat.Meat buns or dill and cheese buns, I love them both, so I decided to make both.The dill and cheese buns were usually made with cottage cheese by my mother, but cottage cheese is very expensive where I live in Japan (and I'm guessing the same is true for most parts of Japan). Ricotta cheese is a fine alternative, but that too is not common and very pricey. Therefore, I made my own ricotta, which is not difficult at all.Ricotta cheese, handfuls of dill, and some chopped green onions make for a nice, dill-y filling.The buns baked up nice and soft, with a nice golden top and full of the dill and cheese filling.There were some leftovers tonight, but I expect they'll be gone within 24 hours.My dill craving is satisfied for now. But I'll probably start looking for some cheap cucumbers to make some fresh dill pickles with in the next few days. Using fresh dill, everything can't help but be dill-cious.

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