A Day in the Heat

It's hot. What to do on such a day?


For the last few weeks, our days start (6 AM) around 30C, and they end around the same temperature. During the day it is of course hotter. If you haven't seen many posts (my last one was 19 days ago), it's because when it's this hot, you don't want to do much.The day started with Muffin and I walking, starting just before 6 AM. It's important to start early and beat the heat.After breakfast, there was our weekly shopping. Lots of ice was needed as well as cooler boxes for the groceries because the car was so hot.After a siesta in the afternoon, I worked at splitting the last of the wood that I had. 2 hours later (hot), it was done. I celebrated with a beer.Dinner was BBQ'd beef, chicken, and flat breads. We had a simple salad of sliced tomatoes and basil from the garden. I also made earlier in the day a squash salad. For that salad, I baked squash, made ricotta cheese, and mixed them with olive oil, garlic and vinegar.We enjoyed dinner. The flat breads were used with some sauce (my daughter made 2 types), some beef or chicken, and tomatoes and squash. Delicious!By cooking the squash earlier in the day, the kitchen was not hot at dinner time. The flat breads and meats were cooked outside on the BBQ, helping the keep the mosquitoes at bay and keep the house cool.Tummies full, we enjoyed final treats in the form of ice cream.A hot day, and it will be a hot night, but this is summer. Enjoy.

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