Prepping for White Day

I did preparations for White Day today.


The White Album. White Christmas. The White House. White Day. Well, except for the 3rd one, these are pretty good things.Another year, another White Day approaches. To remind you in case you forgot, White Day is yang or ying (I never know which is which) to Valentine's Day in Japan. Traditionally, females give something (usually chocolate) to males, and males are to reciprocate by giving something on White Day, March 14th.This year I opted for white chocolate with pretzels, but wouldn't you know it, once I'd decided on an idea, pretzels became mostly non-existent here. I found a couple of stores selling pretzel products, but they were flavoured pretzels.Luckily my wife found some plain pretzels at a shop, and the pretzels were heart-shaped. I would have preferred regularly shaped pretzels, but we make do with what we have.Happily, the white-chocolate coated pretzel hearts taste great, greater than the sum, so I'm really pleased.Celebrate White Day on March 14th.

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