Bike Shed - Finally Done!

It's taken a while, but I finally finished off the bike shed for our bikes today.


I know it doesn't look like much, but this bike shed took a lot of time to plan.You see, I wanted to make something simple, as you see, that would provide basic coverage for our bicycles. Also, I wanted the wood to not rest on the ground, so that it wouldn't rot out too fast. Finally, I wanted the structure to remain on our property when typhoons hit.The wood shed that I built last year is heavy enough, especially when full of wood, so that it's safe from the typhoons. But a bike shed doesn't need a floor so it's lighter.To keep the shed's legs from getting wet at the bottom, using bricks under the leggings was the obvious solution.After much hemming and hawing, I decided to use small blocks that came with metal bars imbedded in them, to which I attached the leggings. The blocks will be, I hope, heavy enough to hold on to the shed when typhoons come. I'll keep my fingers crossed.Last weekend, I'd mostly finished the shed but I found it a little unstable. Having a floor on the wood shed provides stability to the structure. The bike shed, lacking a floor, therefore only had the roof to provide structure. The addition of side braces today solved that problem.As with the wood shed made last year, the bike shed has been shingled, and all the wood has been treated with persimmon stain, which is natural and non-toxic. In the future, when the time comes to tear it down, I will not hesitate to use the wood in our wood stove, knowing that no toxic elements are in the wood.

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