Fruit Cocktail Cake

A cake recipe from long ago that still works and tastes great.


This simple dessert is one I discovered many years ago when working at a workplace that often had cooking as part of the duties. Not many of the staff liked to take on the task of cooking, but I was one of the few who relished the opportunity to play around in the kitchen. One of my co-workers was a great cook who didn't make any fancy recipes, but she her repertoire of basic recipes was quite huge and her food always tasted amazing. This was one of her recipes.When I stopped off a a local supermarket on Friday while coming home from teaching at a university, I happened on a stack of fruit cocktail cans on sale, and this recipe immediately came to mind.The recipe comes together quickly and does't require any fancy ingredients. I like to serve it warm, with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on it. But even cool, the cake is moist and delicious and it's hard not to eat seconds or thirds. Simple is always good.

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