Happy Birthday, Muffin!

Today we celebrated Muffin's birthday.


Five years ago, this little guy came into our lives.It's been a great 5 years. Of course he's much larger now than he was back then, and he's quite the handsome guy.Each day Muffin begins with a 30-minute walk around town, checking the latest gossip at various 'watering' spots, as well as getting some exercise.He loves to play with his toys (sometimes even allowing us to join in the activities), chew on his various bones and antlers, sleep, and hang out with us.Muffin celebrated his birthday today with some bbq'd chicken breast for dinner, and a birthday muffin (appropriately chosen) made with carrots and other yummy things.We think he enjoyed his birthday events today and likely he'll have a lot of pleasant dreams tonight.All the best, Muffin!

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