Why Body Shop, Why?

Looks like I'm going to have to use regular old shaving cream for a while.


Why?I've been shopping at the Body Shop for well over 30 years. This should give some indication that I like the products that they sell.One of the products I started using long ago was their shaving cream soap.At first, it took some getting used to the whole process of NOT using shaving cream or gel from an aerosol can. You have to purchase a shaving brush, a shaving mug, the brush must be softened, the shaving cream soap must be mixed into a lather, and so on.And yet, once I started doing this, I continued. My skin felt better. I got great shaves. And it felt luxurious to put the warm shaving lather I created on my face. It was a little bit like a spa treatment for myself every day because, I'm worth it!I've written before about using this shaving cream, but I've really been impressed by how long this container has lasted me. The bottom of my container shows the date March 30th, 2017 written in marker by myself. As I write this blog on March 16th, 2018 I'm amazed that I was able to use it for almost a whole year, considering I shave on average 5 times a week. In past years I was impressed to use the shaving cream for 10 months, but this last year was even more economical.Recently, my visit to the only Body Shop in our city (well, not technically OUR city, since we live in Naruto and the store is in Tokushima, but I digress), I was going to purchase some more of their shaving cream only to find that they didn't have any. When staff were asked about this, they were not aware of the situation. My feeling is that because they may not have many male customers, not much thought is ever given to the products used my males in the shop.While talking to the staff member, I noticed one tube of shaving cream still on the shelves. Upon closer examination I found that this was the 'tester' tube, and that there were no more tubes of shaving cream either.Next, a search on the internet showed that shaving cream is not offered anymore on the Japanese Body Shop site. Yet, in the Canadian Body Shop site for example, the product is still being sold.Why Body Shop, why? I can imagine that male customers were fewer than female customers, but aren't some customers better than no male customers at all?For now, it's back to using the old cans of shaving cream. My next visit back to Canada will include a visit to the Body Shop where I'll have to stock up on shaving cream.Or, grow a beard.

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