Pizza Muffins

We went to a 花見/Hanami/Cherry Blossom party today. I made some munchies for the picnic.


Today we went to have a 花見/hanami/cherry blossom party with friends, here in Naruto.I had high hopes for lots of blossoms today, but unfortunately, I only found one open blossom. At other locations around the city I've seen trees blooming, but at our location, things are a bit behind.Yesterday I began thinking about what food I could bring along to the party/picnic. For some reason, the idea of pizza muffins popped into my head, and thus I decided to go in that direction.While shopping yesterday, we picked up some pizza toppings such as cheese and pepperoni. I decided that if there was tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni together in one item, it would probably taste good, no matter what it was.Last night as I was about to drift off to sleep, I was thinking about today's food, but realized that I'd have to make a decision. If I made pizza muffins like regular muffins, then the mixture would be easy to mix up early this morning. But, if I made the pizza muffins like pizza, using pizza dough, then it would be easier to mix up the dough and leave it to rise overnight. What to do?Thinking about how both items would taste (good, I thought), I decided to go with the pizza dough version, maybe because I like some difficulty in my life.Out of bed I crawled, went to the kitchen (where one of my daughters happened to be making meringue cookies, matcha and chocolate, late on a Saturday night) to mix up the dough.This morning, the dough was ready and just had to wait while I prepared a simple sauce, and got together the toppings.The dough was rolled out as one would for cinnamon buns, covered with toppings, rolled up and cut into slices.The muffins baked up pretty quickly in about 15 minutes time. Served as is, or with some of the leftover tomato sauce, the muffins turned out pretty good.No, we couldn't have flowers today, but we had food, friends, and a great time with nature. Not a bad day at all.

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