Tonight's Dinner - Thai-ish Food

Tonight we had some Thai food for dinner.


Today was one of those horrible, miserable, no-good days. Well, not that bad, but not great, either.From the morning on, we had grey skies and a constant rain. The temperatures are cool - not cold mind you - but cool and with the rain, it was a damp, dark day.Our cilantro survived the snow scare earlier this year and we thought today could be a good time to use some of it.I'm not sure where I picked up these recipes, but they come from a variety of cookbooks and cooking magazines and combine for a nice dinner.We had a beef salad on a bed of greens, rice noodles with a peanut and chili paste sauce, and a salad or slaw made with a variety of vegetables and herbs. Lots of cilantro, mint, fish sauce, lemon, and chili peppers were used for the dinner.The balance of heat, sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and umami makes for a happy mouth and tummy.Tummy is happy, mind is happy, we're happy; isn't that a nice way to finish off the day?

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