Hey, Neighbours, Happy Independence Day!

Here's a little something for my friends and family on Independence Day.


I just got through talking with my students about Canada Day (July 1st) and explaining what Canadians do and who we are.Before you know it, it's July 4th and Americans are celebrating Independence Day.So I thought, why not combine both events in one stroke and decided to cook up some Butter Tart Slice.Butter tarts are a uniquely Canadian treat and usually are individual tarts. This recipe is a lazy way of making the same thing, as it cooks up as one giant slice which can be cut into individual pieces (if you decide to share with others).One of the ways Americans may celebrate Independence Day is with a BBQ with all sorts of good foods to eat.I offer my Butter Tart Slice as the dessert portion of your celebration, in addition to whatever else you've prepared.The photo is a bit messy as I wanted to taste, I mean show, what the dessert is like.It's good. So now, it's up to my neighbours to the south. Dessert is here waiting for you, to help you celebrate your special day.But, hurry! I'm not sure how long I can keep waiting (drool).Happy Independence Day!

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