New Stairs

Out with the old, in with the new stairs.


Do you remember your teenage years? Are you still in your teenage years?For me, that time in life was one in which most activities were finite in time. There was a beginning and there was an end.For example, as a child I can remember being asked to mow the lawn. But when I discovered that the lawn mower didn't work, the task was over, finished, complete.Not so for my Dad, who then had to find out what was wrong with the machine and set about fixing it.Fast forward many years and I find myself in the same camp as my Dad. And, it's not so fun at this camp.Earlier this year, at the beginning of summer I noticed that our outside stairs/steps had some boards loose that needed to be replaced. I decided to leave it for the meantime, as I had a bigger project to finish, namely building a new wood shed.Well, the summer finished and lately I took another look at the stairs and decided I'd have to start fixing them, as soon as the weather was OK.Finally, I had free time and the weather cooperated, so I determined that there were a few boards that were rotten and I'd replace them.I looked at this as being a 1-hour job, 2-hours at the most (a finite time). A few boards were purchased, tools were pulled out, and I got to work taking apart the stairs.As each board was pulled off, I was shocked to see more damage to the stairs. One board led to two, which led to more, and then more and so on. Eventually I noticed that more boards were in need of replacement than could be used again. This meant that instead of repairing the steps, maybe I'd have to re-build them. Suddenly this wasn't finite, but infinite in time. How long would it take? When would I finish? How do you make stairs again?Another hours work and somehow I came up with a plan to rebuild the stairs, plus some of the boards pieced together. Off to the hardware store for more lumber, a little more work, then time to call it quits for the day.The next day, I purchased yet a bit more wood and within a couple of hours had finished the stairs.A few days later I painted on some wood treatment, and we were back in business. Back to the world of finite, and I could finally be at rest again.

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