Necessity is the Mother of...Spanakopita

Withdrawal symptoms from not enough feta cheese and a magazine article led to tonight's dinner.


Curses to you, Saveur Magazine; also, my warmest wishes.Recently I've been reading an old issue of Saveur Magazine, my mother's copy actually, that I brought back from Canada a few years ago. As my mother has passed away, I was free to take the magazine.This issue discussed Greece, among other topics. As I read, I realized I would have to make spanakopita.After a recent shopping trip on, I was the proud owner of a container of feta cheese. I decided to make the phyllo pastry myself, as I'm a glutton for punishment.Feta is rarely seen here, and when seen it is often in very small containers and with herbs. Phyllo is rarely seen over here, though occasionally can be bought from different sources over the internet.There was much chopping, rolling and baking, and the spanakopita came out of the oven all golden brown.The spanakopita was enjoyed by all, along with a Greek salad. My feta withdrawal is fine - for now.

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