Muffin, Revisited

Today I’d like to tell how things are with our pug, Muffin.


The other morning, I happened upon Muffin having a doze in the morning while I was busy preparing for my lessons.

As you can see by the picture, he was pretty relaxed.

Our family had a dog when I was a child, yet I never remember our dog sleeping on its back, feet in the air. It could have happened, but I don’t remember it.

Muffin doesn’t always sleep like this. Like most people, he changes his position frequently. Sometimes he’ll sleep on his side, other times on his stomach, and other times, as seen above, on his back.

Muffin & I often go walking early in the morning, before breakfast.

After breakfast, which includes some chopped apple after his regular food (don’t forget the apple!), he’s ready for a bit of play time before most everyone (sometimes including me) gets ready and leaves the house.

After a bit of play time (I can usually only afford a few minutes), he watches us, sometimes pouts, but begrudgingly acknowledges that we’ll be leaving him for a few hours.

Some days he’s perfectly content to use the free time to sleep soundly (again, as seen above).

How did Muffin feel about getting his picture taken while he was sleeping?


I guess I might look like that too if someone disturbed my sleep! Maybe in the future I’ll have a camera that makes less noise.

Muffin and I wish you pleasant dreams.

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