Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall

I welcome fall with some home-made pumpkin pie.


I'm sad to see summer go. I love summer. I worship summer. Summer equals comfort. I grew up with cold winters - sometimes brutally so, such that living through them is and was a badge of honour. To those I know who still brave such winters, you have my respect.Once you've tasted the bitterness of extreme cold, warmth is something special. It is to be honoured, enjoyed, savoured. Summer is life. Summer is green. Summer is bounty.But Fall, well, Fall is the death of Summer. It is natural and it is to be expected. So, the end of summer is not something I particularly enjoy. And yet, there is comfort to be had in Fall.As my thoughts turned to Fall, I couldn't help but think of Halloween and that leads to pumpkins. From pumpkins, it's just a hop, skip and a jump until you start to think of pumpkin pie. Or at least I do.My oldest daughter and I baked this up yesterday, and today I finally had a piece (yesterday my wife and younger daughter made 2 delicious loaves of chocolate banana bread, so that's what I had last night).As I've recounted before, I didn't care too much for pumpkin pie when I lived in Canada, though I did eat it from time to time. Looking back at these memories and tastes, I believe I may finally have the answer to why this was so.Firstly, here in Japan I always use Kabocha squash (though it is like pumpkin) instead of the pumpkin or canned pumpkin used in North America (which truth be told is watery and not very tasty, in my opinion).Secondly, all those pies I tasted in Canada were not made by me. Not a single one. In Japan as well, I've eaten (endured?) countless pumpkin pies over the years. There is always something lacking in the taste.I'm not being boastful (well, maybe I am) but I do think my pies taste pretty good. While I'd offer you a taste, you'd have to get here pretty darned quick because once we start slicing the pie, it doesn't last for long.It doesn't really matter that much. Use whatever recipe you can find and just give it a try. Fall is upon us, and what better way to ring in the start of the season, but with a nice slice of pie. Give it a try.

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