Woodshed: Finished

After a lot of work and waiting, the wood shed is mostly completed.


It's taken a while.The design was different than the other wood sheds I had, so that was a bit complicated for me. I made mistakes galore, but mostly the wood shed took on the appearance of my original plan.But when it came to finishing the roofing, I hit a major road block. My last 2 wood sheds had shingles that the Canadian carpenter for our home helped us purchase; that was years ago. My friend has since returned to Canada and though I have made efforts to find and contact him, remains out of touch.I thought that purchasing asphalt shingles in Japan wouldn't be difficult, but I was wrong. So wrong!Home-centres, as they are referred to here in Japan are supposed to be places for the weekend warrior of home-improvement to get their goods. They sort of miss their mark.The home-centres I visited (2 out of 3) offered one type of asphalt shingle, but an inferior version of what I'd used before. Big vats of tar were available for sale next to the shingles. When I showed a picture of the shingles I'd used before to staff at one home-centre, I was told that these were shingles for the professional and so they didn't have the (superior version) shingles I was looking for.This was strange, because when I did web-searches for asphalt shingles in Japan, often home-renovation companies would show a picture of an individual installing the very type of shingle I wanted to buy, but was unavailable. My search on-line was fruitless.Eventually I found a Chinese site that offered individuals opportunities to connect with businesses in China to get products. I was able, after a long time searching, to find a company willing to make shingles in the small quantity I needed. The price for the shingles was cheap, and even with the large shipping fee, it was quite reasonable. I was able to choose how many to purchase as well as the colour of shingle I wanted.We had to play e-mail tag for a while, but the goods finally came in a reasonable amount of time, and the shingles were good.Finally I could continue on my job of finishing the wood shed.Unfortunately, the shingles arrived in the midst of rainy season, so finding non-rainy weather on the weekend took a bit of time. After some weeks, I was able to get the roofing finished and put on some finishing touches.I still have to put some boards on the sides, and I still have to split some of the wood I've gathered for the winter. But after months of work and waiting, the job is done. On to the next job!

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