Channelling My Inner Mom

Even though today was a holiday (Marine Day), it was a bit of a busy day.


Today in Japan was a holiday called Marine Day. That meant no work today. But, not really.In the morning after breakfast, I went out and, using the chainsaw, cut up a pile of wood that I'd recently picked up.Done for the day, right? No.Next, I cleaned up the piles of old sod that I'd removed earlier this summer, when I pulled out the old sod (which was full of weeds) and re-seeded the area with new grass seed. It's coming along nice now. The old sod was full of weeds, but also full of soil, was heavy, and there was a lot of it. We've had a lot of rain recently due to the annual rainy season weather, so it was difficult to finish this before. I finally got this cleaned up. Done for the day. Not.Next, I cleaned weeds from the parking lot (our parking lot). Done for the day. Nope.After lunch, I set about to fix the wooden bench in our back yard that had one or two pieces rot out. To fix the bench required taking half of it apart (of course). After a couple of hours, it was done. Finished. Uh-uh.Dinner was BBQ'd sausages and various vegetables. Easy enough. But wait a minute. There's no BBQ sauce. OK, I'll make some. Also, I noticed that we have a lot of cucumbers around (our own, and others given by friends). Fine, I'll make 2 jars of pickles. Now, I'm done, right?No, it's time to write the blog. So, here we are.My mother made the most of every day. She worked her fingers to the bone, sometimes literally. My father was no slouch, but my mother could always take first place for doing the most in one day.And lest you think that only I worked today, think again. My wife probably (what is it with women being so strong?) out-did me. She did loads of laundry, cleaned rooms in the house, vacuumed, dusted, threw out old, unnecessary items, mopped the floors, went shopping, and did yard work. Winner.And now, the tale is done, the day is done, and it is time to relax. Love to all, night to all, till we meet again.

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