Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Today was the day of our annual cleaning of the chimney for the wood stove.


Do you know the reference from today’s title? Three cheers and a tiger for you (add an additional 3 tigers if you know this reference)!The actual cleaning of the chimney pipe takes about one hour. That time includes taking apart the pipe, removing one section, moving the wood stove to the side a bit, and starting to feed up the three rods that connect to the chimney brush.Most (but not all) of the soot goes into the plastic bag that I attach to the pipe. A small bit of soot always escapes from the bag and must be swept up, then washed off. This year’s cleaning went well and in total there was probably only about 200 ml by volume of soot from the pipe. Burning a hot fire and using dry wood results in a lot less soot build up.Cleaning up after I’ve cleaned out the chimney takes about another hour. Everything must be put back in place, such as putting the pipe back together and moving the stove back into place. Next, any bits of visible soot must be swept up. Next, the entire house must be vacuumed and wiped down. Finally, I mop the floors with a wet mop.Not difficult, but dirty. Very dirty.Today’s chore did not involve paying money to anyone. I did it. Thus, the cost of today’s work was cheap.Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.For you the reader, I recommend visiting iTunes and buying the song. It will be much easier and enjoyable, and as an added bonus, your hands will be clean.

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