Gateway to a New Beginning

I finally did some necessary yard work that had been on my 'to do' list for a while.


The Gateway to a New Beginning. Or, the Beginning of a New Gate. Which do you prefer?Did I fool you with the title and lead you to believe that I, simple me, had some insight into the future?Sorry to disappoint you.No, this is about the gate to our backyard that I've been meaning to rebuild for a while now.When we first got Muffin, we needed something to prevent him from wandering away when he went out to do his business.We purchased latticed sections, to which I added a simple wooden base and then tied each section together with the next section. It was a simple solution that did not require a post to be dug for a fence post. Each day when I come back with Muffin from his walk, I'm required to step over the one meter fence, as untying it had become troublesome very quickly.In recent years, I'd build a temporary wood shed made of wood re-claimed/recycled from the garbage wood leftover of a house being built. From one house, I was able to build the wood shed and then fill the shed and then some with the leftover wood. So much wood is often wasted when building houses it seems.When I studied wood shops (as well as all of the other shops classes) in Junior high school, we didn't seem to have a lesson on building fences or gates. If we did, I apologize, for I have no memory of such a class. It may have been useful to me on this occasion. As with so many homebuilding projects, one has an idea of what one wants, but no concrete idea how to do so.Luckily (really, really), my purchases at the local hardware store today (along with odds and ends leftover from other projects at the house) allowed me to salvage one piece of the old fence, add wheels to the bottom, hinges to the sides, and connect it to the aforementioned wood shed to become a new gate.This is the beginning of something. When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

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