Self-serve Food Kiosks

Every once in a while, you may stumble across one of these kiosks in Japan, where you may buy various food stuffs.


100 yen is enough to purchase any of the good available at this kiosk.Around town, and I assume around Japan, you may find these kiosks on streets selling a variety of homegrown or home-prepared goods.While I've usually only seen food for sale, I do know of one kiosk that sells bags of composted soil for about 100 yen.Some of the kiosks only sell one type of goods (for example, around here you may find kiosks selling only lotus roots or sweet potatoes), while others sell a variety of goods.All of the goods are very cheaply priced and all are locally produced.At this particular stall, when making a purchase one drops coins into the container in the centre of the cart. No change is available, so you must have exact change, or you should pay more if you don't have exact change (for example, paying with a 500 yen coin when purchasing 400 yen worth of goods).These stalls operate on the honour system, and not all people are honest. However it's good to believe in the good nature of people and trust that most people will pay for the goods.With no middle man involved, these goods go from producer straight to customers.Show your support and make a purchase from time to time.

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