It's hammock time!

Sunny skies + free time = a chance to finally relax in my hammock.


Now that the rainy weather seems to be finishing up, and the heat and sunshine seem here to stay, I decided to set up our hammock.I had been laying peacefully for all of 2-3 minutes when Muffin looked outdoors, saw me, figured out that the hammock was back in action, and came out to join me.He jumped inside, stretched out and enjoyed himself and the hammock.And how could he not?There is a gentle sway, that has the beneficial tendency to transport you to your days of being a baby rocked in someone's arms.A light breeze would occasionally blow, and the hammock is just nice and comfortable.Within 10 minutes I was out, having stopped reading my book and closing my eyes.It still seems to work.Hopefully I'll be able to 'keep testing' it all summer long. (sigh)

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