Woodshed Salvage Work

Work has continued on the woodsheds.


Now, both of our woodsheds have been taken apart.From the wood used to build the woodsheds, some of it was salvaged for new framing in our outdoor shed. We had been using particle board bookshelves in the shed, but I felt it wasn't working properly for storing our goods.New 2x4 shelves were built, using some new and some recycled wood from the woodsheds.Also, I finally moved my wood splitter out of the shed and will keep it beside the woodsheds. Using mostly salvaged wood, I built an ugly box home for the splitter.Some of the wood salvaged was burned in our wood stove and the rest (that which was painted with wood stain) has been cut up and thrown in the garbage. In our city we separate our garbage into a few different categories, and one of them is burnable garbage. The 2x4's that I won't burn in my wood stove will be burned in the city's garbage facility.Finally, the bricks that will be used for the foundation of the new woodsheds have been put into place and levelled, and I have slowly begun the process of building the new woodshed.Bad weather and school duties, such as preparing report cards from our school, have meant that the job is not finished yet. It will be. Please stay tuned and I'll report on the progress.

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