2018 CCES Tacos Party

Today was our annual tacos party. Good food, good friends, and a good time for all.

Today, many hands made 'white' work.Pardon the pun. We (our school) had our annual tacos party for the children students at our school. It's a free event that gives students exposure to a different food from a different culture, and for most students this is their only opportunity to try a food such as this.While not authentic by any means, we take baby steps in introducing this 'new' food to students. Hopefully the 'seed' will be planted in many of them, and perhaps in later years when there is an opportunity to try the real thing, they will be encouraged to do so.I mentioned 'white' work, because we make flour tortillas, hence the whiteness of the event.White, black, green, red, many colors were enjoyed at the party. Laughs had, tummies filled, the party ended for another year.As a happy ending, there are usually leftovers from the party, and today is no exception. This means our dinner tonight will be tacos. Again. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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